Friday, October 15, 2010

Look a like Bags

My mom has been taking me to LA since I was in middle school. She goes to the fabric district, to shop for fabric to make her gowns.

I have always loved the feeling of LA, Big city, people there aren't scared of being unique. I consider myself and my style to be unique, so I feel like I fit in there.

In trying to expand my business I thought that I might try selling look a like bags. These bags are not counterfeit exact replicas, they are legitimate knock offs. I didn't believe in selling something that first would be illegal and second that would be an exact copy of a Designers work.

As artists and Designers I do believe that one can take a look or idea and incorporate it into one's work, and try to make it there own. Some of these bags skate right on the border, but I found them to be cool, so I hope you do to. Click on the Bag page above to see which one's are currently available.

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