Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My shop!

So I know people are supposed to write something everyday, but I have a hard time remembering things. So bare with me till I get a handle on things.
So when I got home from school in April, my mom suggested that I start an Etsy shop, and sell what make to earn money for school and a car, but as the months pass by I slowly get things up, barely doing the bare minimum. Until this month, which is when I start to get into it and start to really focus on my shop. I have started sales and made new things and I haven't bought a new book in a while to avoid being distracted.
My shop first started to be just jewelry but after awhile I kept thinking I wanted to add more but I haven't finished my projects, I still have trouble finishing what I have started. So well currently my shop is all jewelry but soon I hope to finish my ideas and get them up for people to buy.
I had started with my glass beads, then went to pendents, then finally started to work with leather. This would be my first time working with leather, so my stuff isn't perfect but i do know most people like my work so I am working on perfecting what i know then moving onto a step harder until I have learned everything i want to learn and hopefully teach others to do what I do and have more to write about in this blog other then about me and my silly dog.
So this is my shop-
and this is were I work. its a little messy but thats how I seem to get things done. Chaos isn't always bad.

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