Tuesday, October 26, 2010

avoiding math homework

So sitting here in my math class, my mom had to drop me off early( the truck i drive is broken so I have to bum rides till its fixed). Not much to do but clean out my computer, more like finally clean out my bookmark bar that keeps getting big every day... I though I would share some of my favorite sites or share some that would interest you.
here are some of my favorite sites
surfrider foundation- I am very big on protecting the beaches and the life in the ocean, so I highly appericiate these guys for all the things they have done and the future they have planned for beaches and oceans around the world
wordpress- its another blog haha I have always been into writing just never finished anything i have started so I started wordpress its really cool! Later i will post up the link to my story blog, I just need to figure out how to long on with out asking for a new password haha
TOMS- I just love there shoes and what they are doing around the world.
stumbleupon- great site to go on when i have nothing to do in lab but i still need hours in the class.

photojojo- I am just obsessed with this site they just have the best insite of professional photography and the coolest little store.

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  1. thanks for sharing your favorite sites! i'm going to check out this surfrider foundation. hope your truck gets fixed soon