Egyptian Tiles

Welcome to our collection of Egyptian Tiles.

Here you can find explanations to some of the graphics we use on the tiles of our jewelry.

The Alphabet:

A - Eagle or Arm: Powerful and Strong person.
B - Foot: Traveling person.
C - Basket or Cloth: Full of Good Qualities.
D - Hand: Friendly and Helpful.
E - Reed: Fair and Just.
F - Viper: Clever person.
G - Jar: Stable person.
H - Flax or House: Diplomatic Person.
I - Two Strokes: Straight Way.
J - Cobra: Intelligent and Bossy Person.
K - Basket: Full of Good Qualities.
L - Lion: Controlling and Bossy.
M - Owl and Bar: Wise Person.
N - Crown and Water: Flexible Person.
O - Lasso: Funny and Adventurous person.
P - Door: Creative person.
Q - Slope: Dangerously Adventurous.
R - Mouth: Great Speaker.
S - Pool or Cloth: Independent person.
T - Loaf: Big appetite.
U - Chick: Child like tenacity.
V - Viper: Clever Person.
W - Chick: Child like tenacity.
X - Basket w/Cloth or Basket: Full of Good Qualities and Independent.
Y - Double Reed: Fair and Just.
Z - Knot: Family focused.