Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mid night treasure finds

So I have this problem of wanting to stay up till really late in the night, so i thought it would be a great idea to put my extra time that i usually spent playing games or looking for things that i want but could never buy, haha any ways. tonight i was looking though all my bookmarks... i have hundreds, i need to delete some I'm sure some have expired or are of no use to me anymore, moving on.....(sorry for rambling I am a little tired and had a math test which took a lot of my brain power so i am pooped but bare with me i will get to the point haha)
well as i was looking I came upon one that I remember exactly why i wanted to save it but never did anything about it. A long time ago I was looking around the internet for new dress ideas, since I am a poor college student and trying to not mooch off my parents, which i still am, i mean free housing haha and food! that is actually good,.. ok get to the point steph. haha well i found this gorgeous dress that i completely fell in love with but i had been so busy with trying to procrastinate this summer and beginning of the school year that i pushed it aside to when i would actually deserve this dress, still not to the point. I just love this dress I also Love this girls shop
p.s,I still havent figured out how to do all the fancy stuff to a blog so please bare with me, my mom is trying to teach me. I am just a little stubborn that my mom knows more about the internet then I do.

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  1. You are a bit stubborn, So hopefully your stubbornness will lead you to learn more. That's a wonderful way to spotlight an Etsy shop.