Tuesday, October 26, 2010

avoiding math homework

So sitting here in my math class, my mom had to drop me off early( the truck i drive is broken so I have to bum rides till its fixed). Not much to do but clean out my computer, more like finally clean out my bookmark bar that keeps getting big every day... I though I would share some of my favorite sites or share some that would interest you.
here are some of my favorite sites
surfrider foundation- I am very big on protecting the beaches and the life in the ocean, so I highly appericiate these guys for all the things they have done and the future they have planned for beaches and oceans around the world
wordpress- its another blog haha I have always been into writing just never finished anything i have started so I started wordpress its really cool! Later i will post up the link to my story blog, I just need to figure out how to long on with out asking for a new password haha
TOMS- I just love there shoes and what they are doing around the world.
stumbleupon- great site to go on when i have nothing to do in lab but i still need hours in the class.

photojojo- I am just obsessed with this site they just have the best insite of professional photography and the coolest little store.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Harry Potter!

I cant wait till harry potter 7 comes out! I havent been able to stop watching the trailer and reading the book for the past couple months. I get so excited when a new trailer comes out. watch Trailer.  I am completely obsessed with harry potter, more the books then the movies. I consider them two seperate stories now. I am not a fan of people putting down great movie story lines because it doesnt match the book. You can't turn a complete book into a movie, theres are just somethings that can't be converted and in order to make the movie good there may be some things you need to take out or add. But they are both an seperate art in themselves. some people just dont understand the mind of these people. Writers work with the art of description and the director works with the art of visual appearences. P.S I REALLY WANT THIS POSTER.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mid night treasure finds

So I have this problem of wanting to stay up till really late in the night, so i thought it would be a great idea to put my extra time that i usually spent playing games or looking for things that i want but could never buy, haha any ways. tonight i was looking though all my bookmarks... i have hundreds, i need to delete some I'm sure some have expired or are of no use to me anymore, moving on.....(sorry for rambling I am a little tired and had a math test which took a lot of my brain power so i am pooped but bare with me i will get to the point haha)
well as i was looking I came upon one that I remember exactly why i wanted to save it but never did anything about it. A long time ago I was looking around the internet for new dress ideas, since I am a poor college student and trying to not mooch off my parents, which i still am, i mean free housing haha and food! that is actually good,.. ok get to the point steph. haha well i found this gorgeous dress that i completely fell in love with but i had been so busy with trying to procrastinate this summer and beginning of the school year that i pushed it aside to when i would actually deserve this dress, still not to the point. I just love this dress I also Love this girls shop
p.s,I still havent figured out how to do all the fancy stuff to a blog so please bare with me, my mom is trying to teach me. I am just a little stubborn that my mom knows more about the internet then I do.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bo, my wonderful dog.

     My dog Bo has been with my family for the past four years, we rescued him when he was about one month old. When we first picked him up he was just this small little fur ball, we didn't really know what kind of dog he was till he was about four months old, as he grew old and started to develop a personality. He was always a spunky and hyper dog, his personality matched mine some would even say that we looked a like.
      One day my mom was asking me what my inspiration for my shop would be I was thinking for a long time and my little cousin was walking around as Bo was followed behind, whenever he would bump into her she would yell 'No Bo' and jokingly I told my mom that would be the inspiration and name.

Monday, October 18, 2010

ART adventures

So since I am back home and finishing my general education at the local community college, I decided that I would venture into other subject ( my original major was Marine Engineering Technology with a minor in Marine Science). So I decided that since my mom took art and liked it so much that I could take it, just for fun. The first day , I'm not going to lie, it was over whelming to here about everything we would be learning, all the things that i would need to buy which would cost A LOT, and finding out that the other student are the ones that practically judge your work. I used to draw when I was younger. I would take all my moms art books and just mimic the drawing in the books then i went to magazines and mimic the models in my drawings then went to my own imagination. But after a while I stopped and just stuck with what I know best math and science, now I wasn't the best student but I did like to learn as much as I could, I was one of those students that could miss every day but test day and still pass the test with an A, unfortunately my high school counted attendance as a large part of my grade and I ended up being home schooled.
 So when I came back home I thought oh it would be cool to try art. After I had purchased all the supplies which made it final that I was not going to drop the class. I was starting to get excited about the class I would look forward to it, except for the early mornings. The first official day was just practicing perspective and then we moved onto box still life, then the next day was room still life, then the next day was pen vs pencil, then we went to organic and man made, also learning blind contour which was fun to draw with out seeing the paper, not going to show that drawing. I made my hand look like I had been stung by a lot of bees. Now to my most favorite part of the class so far, CHARCOAL! I love to make messes and be hands on, so when we were introduced to charcoal, you can imagine how dirty my hands were, plus my face , my arms and my shirt ha ha. I had trouble getting the perspective down because I kept moving my board in different directions. Also I am not good at enlarging a object so I had trouble with proportion so after two tries I got an acceptable piece done then I started on another then I had found bracelets in my purse that would be cool to draw. I learned a lot in this class, I cant wait till the next class

Friday, October 15, 2010

Look a like Bags

My mom has been taking me to LA since I was in middle school. She goes to the fabric district, to shop for fabric to make her gowns.

I have always loved the feeling of LA, Big city, people there aren't scared of being unique. I consider myself and my style to be unique, so I feel like I fit in there.

In trying to expand my business I thought that I might try selling look a like bags. These bags are not counterfeit exact replicas, they are legitimate knock offs. I didn't believe in selling something that first would be illegal and second that would be an exact copy of a Designers work.

As artists and Designers I do believe that one can take a look or idea and incorporate it into one's work, and try to make it there own. Some of these bags skate right on the border, but I found them to be cool, so I hope you do to. Click on the Bag page above to see which one's are currently available.

Thank you,