Friday, November 12, 2010

LA Adventures

So my mom is a fashion designer, ever since I was little I have been surrounded by fabric, sewing machine, to many pins ( I am actually afraid of needles so I stay away from her when she is cutting and pin fabric), and books notebooks and anything else that my mom uses for inspiration.
So when I hear my mom is going to LA to buy fabric I jump up and down and say I want to go. Not really for shopping though. I have this obsession with street food. When I go to Mexico its street tacos and tortas (Mexican sandwiches). When I go to LA its Hot Dogs. I am not a big hot dog fan, but just walking by one of these carts, it just captivates you. You want to stop and ask for one. And I am one of those people that do give into the smell and once you trying one, you will be hooked.

I also go for idea shopping. I have been looking for leather and other things to make wrist cuffs out of. Just one of my many ideas that I try to get done, but still get distracted by the fact that I am not always confident in myself. So I am trying though. I am gaining the confidence.

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