Monday, November 15, 2010

coming to terms with my obession

So a few days ago I had found a few job applications in my back-pack from my last attack on the stores in the mall. I decided while waiting for my math class to start I would just fill them out even though I have already done so, these were extras. I put bogus information. The class was about to start and people started to come so I just put them to the side and started on my math lab. I sit alone at my table so no one noticed the applications. As the teacher was walked by to check on peoples progress he looked down and saw my job applications. The first thing he noticed was the Reference section. My first reference was Harry Potter.... Well as you can already guess he thought I might be turning them in.
Heres how the awkward situation pans out
Teacher- You do know that Harry Potter isn't real?(looking down at me)
Me- (long Pause) yes....
Teacher- Then why do you have him down as a reference?( looking at the paper reading the rest of the references)
Me- (voice going higher then usual) I wasn't going to turn it ( other student starting to listen in on the conversation)
Teacher- (looking hard at the paper) How did you get his address? ( already thinking I am crazy)
Me- His owl told me .... (as more students start to turn around)
Teacher-( puts the paper down , Shaking his head) you need some help....

As you can tell I am already the odd-ball. I was hoping to hide it alittle longer though. New school and all.

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