Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Oh boy has this week been overwhelming, not really for me but the energy has been so chaotic that it was effecting me also.

So I had this project that I had to do for art and while I was looking up ideas for the project, I found this quote

The world is smaller than you think, and the people on it are more beautiful than you think.
Bertram van Munster

I really liked it I even wrote it down on my layout sheet for my project, but over the couple of days it completely slipped my mind and I just never thought about it until I was sitting in English class today and a kid sitting next me hands were all messed up, I wanted to ask but I didn't want to interfere and thought it would be to personal, but because my art class taught me how to look at things, like actually look at them, I started to really analyze him. I made sure that he didn't notice me, yeah it may sound stalker-ish but I was just so consumed by him and his total appearance, I never thought I would say he was a really good looking kid, he was nice and cute but not my type never would have thought twice about him but something about the way his hands seemed so used and worn and his face exhausted and out of place, like as though he didn't belong, or just didn't want to be there which I am sure he didn't. I mean who really wants to sit in classes all day. Anyways I saw the beauty in people, I saw the beauty in his expression, it wasn't force, it wasn't a materialistic expression, his expression was an honest and personal expression, even though he wasn't smiling or seemed happy in anyway. I saw a beautiful person. .... I really hope he doesn't read this.

So I guess the next time you look at someone, really look at them. There is more to people then just clothes, and the masks of material possession we tend to hide behind.

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